Chicago Wrongful Death Attorneys

Serving The Families And Seeking Justice For Those Who Have Suffered A Tragic Loss

Our attorneys understand that during a period of intense grief, the struggle of filing a wrongful death claim makes many families hesitant to take legal action. The wrongful death attorneys at Latherow & Duignan go out of their way to compassionately explain the process and will always speak to you about any of your concerns or questions during what we know is a very difficult time.

As opposed to a personal injury case, wrongful death claims are filed by the family of the individual who suffered death in an accident that should not have occurred. In cases such as these, the deceased is not available to give testimony, and it is up to witnesses and a strong legal team to compile evidence against those parties responsible after the fact.

At Latherow & Duignan, we understand that a large wrongful death settlement or verdict will not bring your spouse, child, or parent back into your life, but you have and will continue to endure great pain and loss in the wake of your loved one’s incident. We want to help by fighting for your compensation so that you have the means to lead a comfortable life. After all of your suffering at the hands of another reckless party, we feel you deserve a chance at recovery and want to be the team to help you achieve it.

Wrongful Death Damages

Seeking Recovery For Financial & Emotional Damages

Mr. Latherow and Ms. Duignan know that the loss of a loved one changes the lives of surviving families forever. In addition to many financial difficulties that the family may face because of a loved one’s death, Latherow & Duignan will also seek damages for unseen, but equally devastating effects.

Even if the emotional distress caused by the death of your loved were not enough, it often comes with overwhelming financial consequences as well. Not only were there immediate financial burdens, but wrongful death also allows for these burdens to continue in the future.

When you seek compensation for financial damages in a wrongful death case, you are seeking:

  • Medical & Funeral Expenses: In the case that your loved one did not immediately pass away after the incident, but was instead on life support or required a great surgery that did not succeed, you may have extensive medical bills to cover. Additionally, the cost of funerals are steadily increasing. If this death was the fault of another party, you should be reimbursed for these expenses.
  • Loss of Future Wages: Your loved one’s ability to provide for his or her family has been wrongfully cut short, and this could continue to place your surviving family in economic hardship.
  • Loss of Benefits: Additionally, if your loved one’s employee benefits covered your family, you may in the position where your family now is without medical insurance and other crucial benefits.