Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

Protecting Those Who Have Been Wrongfully Injured

Have you been wrongfully injured by the negligence of a third party? If so, it is important that you do not hesitate to involve the best personal injury lawyer. At Latherow & Duignan, we have proven over the years that we can be trusted with even the most complex of litigation.

We know the tremendous physical, emotional, and financial burdens that our clients face, and we work tirelessly to secure the compensation they deserve. We want to make their world a better place, and we want to take actions that encourage individuals, professionals, and companies to make changes in their conduct that will prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. If you have been injured, or your loved one has died as the result of another’s careless conduct, contact us today.

The Latherow & Duignan Experience

Committed To Helping Our Clients Achieve The Best Results Because Results Matter

At Latherow & Duignan, our only goal is your well-being. It’s about more than being your representative in the courtroom—it’s about making sure you get excellent medical care, that you have peace of mind, and that you know we have your back. For us, there’s nothing more vital and important than helping people get justice. When people are harmed by negligent individuals, employers, or manufacturers, they deserve to be heard in court. More than that, their needs deserve to be provided for by the people that hurt them. Above all else, that’s who we are: a firm that fights to provide for you.