Why Do Metra Train Accidents Happen?

Why Do Metra Train Accidents Happen?

Recently, a man in his twenties was killed when a Metra electric train passing through the Far South Side hit him. The Chicago Sun Times reports that he was walking along the tracks in an overpass where pedestrians are not allowed. His back was to the train and by the time the engineer saw him and started to brake, it was too late to prevent the fatal accident.

This tragic accident is one example of many causes of Metra electric train accidents.

What Causes Chicago Train Accidents?

Tens of thousands of people use the Chicago Metra every day. The combination of a massive population with large, swiftly moving transports unfortunately leads to occasional accidents. The following are common causes of serious accidents on this popular form of public transportation:

  • Improperly trained staff
  • An inadequate number of staff workers
  • Equipment malfunction because of a lack of maintenance or a poor repair job
  • Defective train safety equipment
  • Intoxicated conductor
  • Distracted or fatigued conductor
  • Speeding when a train is behind schedule

The trains and rail system are used continuously in Chicago, which can cause a lot of stress on equipment, especially if it is not routinely inspected for safety or repaired regularly. Conductors are also expected to keep to a strict schedule, which can sometimes lead to reckless operation of a train.

If you have lost someone in a train accident or if you have been injured by a train, then you should contact a personal injury attorney to see what your options are for a lawsuit.

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[Did You Know? A study by Northwestern University found that a pedestrian is killed once every 10 days by trains in the Chicago area.]

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