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We Focus on Client Satisfaction

The Chicago-based Latherow & Duignan Law Office is a law firm where you can rest assured that the attorneys and staff will not shuffle you around or pass you off to a different attorney at any point in your case. Injury lawyers Jerry A. Latherow and Bridget Duignan consider it a privilege to serve each client that they represent, and they are dedicated to obtaining the successful results.

Personal Approach to Injury Victims and their Families

Our attorneys and staff treat our clients as individuals and not just as cases. At many firms, the attorney with whom you initially meet is not the attorney who ultimately negotiates or litigates your case. At Latherow & Duignan, you develop a working relationship with your attorney beginning the day you hire us and lasting until your settlement or the conclusion of your jury trial.


Our largest sources of new clients are word-of-mouth referrals from our clients, former clients, and other attorneys who recommend us. The reasons for this are our results, the way we approach each case and our personal relationships with our clients. Our clients know and talk directly with us, and we, in turn, keep our clients well informed about the progress of their cases.

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Personal Approach to Injury Victims and their Families

Obtaining Results In and Out of the Courtroom

Maximum Compensation for Serious Injuries and Wrongful Death

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There is no attorney fee to speak with a Chicago lawyer at Latherow & Duignan, so we encourage you to contact us to confidentially discuss your case.