What Are The Dangers Of Black Ice?

What Are The Dangers Of Black Ice?

Chicago winters can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle against the elements, and black ice is a deadly enemy of all drivers. Unlike snow, which retains some traction, tires on black ice have practically no traction. Black ice develops when rain freezes onto pavement, forming an invisible ice sheet on the roadway. The ice is often patchy, growing most frequently on overpasses and bridges.

On February 9, Chicagoland saw more than one car accident with possible black ice involvement. Two people died at I-90 and Barrington Road when their Toyota Corolla lost control and hit a light pole. Later in the day, another accident in the same location resulted in more injuries, and a man died when his pickup flipped off Route 173 in Antioch. Black ice is a possible factor in all of the incidences.

Driving in wintery conditions requires drivers to slow down and watch for dangerous road hazards. Black ice is extremely hard to see, but cautious drivers can observe the traffic ahead for cars losing traction or spinning out. If you slide on black ice, remember to stay calm. Sudden braking is dangerous, as is jerking on your steering wheel. Take your foot off the accelerator and gently brake as you steer, turning into the slide. Your goal is to retain some control of your motion and to avoid overcorrecting.

What Do I Do After A Car Crash?

If you are in an accident in icy conditions, make sure that any injured person is treated immediately. Get all involved people and vehicles away from traffic if possible. One of the greatest dangers in black ice collisions is other vehicles on the road also losing control on the same ice, creating an even larger accident. If you have any questions, Bridget Duignan discusses what to do after a car accident in the video above.

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