Chicago Car Accident Attorneys

Providing Powerful Representation In Injury & Death Cases

Life can change in an instant, never to be the same again. You think about things completely different after being in a car accident. For example, pre-accident people think of car insurance in terms of repairing their vehicle. After an accident, you are probably going to be more focused on repairing yourself.

And even if you’re the sort of person who never imagined suing anyone, you might find that a lawsuit is the only way to make things right financially after your life was upended in an accident that should never have happened. Latherow & Duignan is here for those times.

Latherow & Duignan represents individuals and families in the Chicagoland area and throughout Illinois for a variety of automobile collision claims, and we make negligent parties take responsibility for your injuries or your family’s loss. We have always been and will always be a small Chicago firm that emphasizes a personal approach in creating trusting relationships that ultimately lead many past clients to refer friends and relatives to our firm for their legal needs.

What Happens After A Car Wreck In Chicago?

We Are Here To Protect & Guide You

After a car accident, your mind may be riddled with questions such as: How am I going to pay my bills? Will I be compensated for all of my expenses? An experienced attorney at Latherow & Duignan can help. We will make certain that you are not cut short of your deserved recompense.