What Should I Do During an Emergency on a Plane?

What Should I Do During an Emergency on a Plane?

In January, the passengers and crew of an American Eagle commuter flight from Washington, DC to Chicago landing at O’Hare International Airport conducted an emergency evacuation. The precise reason for the evacuation is still under investigation, though it was ordered after the flight crew received a flight deck instrument warning. Reportedly, the pilot believed an auxiliary power unit might be sparking or on fire, creating a hazard.

Thankfully, the plane and its passengers were alright, but in a plane accident, passengers can have only seconds to evacuate. From the Asiana crash in San Francisco in 2013 to the Miracle on the Hudson in 2009, passengers are alive today because they were able to evacuate quickly and safely. If you ever find yourself in an emergency evacuation, following the directions of the flight attendants can save your life. Wearing long pants, long sleeves and closed-toe shoes can offer a little protection to passengers braving unexpected elements, and in our next post, we will continue our discussion of evacuation tips.

What Do You Do After A Plane Crash?

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Did You Know: O’Hare International Airport is the second busiest airport in the US and third busiest in the world.

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