Could a Trucking Company be Liable for the Death of Three People?

Could a Trucking Company be Liable for the Death of Three People?

A woman in Chicago has filed a lawsuit against a truck driver and a trucking company for the alleged wrongful death of her niece and her niece’s two little children.

The fatal pedestrian accident occurred at Ashland Avenue and 43rd Street at about 5 p.m. The three victims were crossing a busy intersection when a semi-truck hit them.

The lawsuit alleges that the truck driver was on his cell phone when he made a left turn without keeping a proper lookout or yielding the right of way.

The court date is set for April 15, which could determine if the driver and trucking company are both at fault.

Why Could Multiple Parties Be Liable in a Trucking Accident?

Multiple parties can be liable for a fatal or non-fatal trucking accident, because trucking companies have a responsibility to hire and train responsible drivers.

The driver’s employer could be held responsible for allowing the conditions for an accident to develop. For instance, a driver may have been improperly trained, had a substandard driving record or was working too many hours to be on the road.

It is possible that other parties will be found liable depending on the kind of auto accident, such as a truck manufacturer, the owner of the vehicle (if separate from the trucking company), the company in charge of loading the vehicle’s cargo or the truck’s maintenance company.

Trucking liability cases can be complicated, which is why you should find an attorney that has years of experience in truck accidents.

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