What Are Common Causes of Injuries on Public Transportation?

What Are Common Causes of Injuries on Public Transportation?

A slip and fall accident on a Metra train led to an amputation. The man is now suing Metra for damages. He argued before a Cook County Circuit Court that Metra was negligent, failing to keep a proper lookout, and this led to his injuries.

Accidents leading to injuries occur throughout the year on public transportation, such as buses, trains, subways and ferryboats.

Common Causes of Injuries on Public Transportation

Many injuries can occur on public transportation, because passengers are not only susceptible to the same injuries that can happen in a car crash, but can also receive the same injuries that a pedestrian can receive walking in and out of a crowded building. The following are some common injuries among users of public transportation:

  • Slip and fall, because of a wet platform or wet interior of a transport due to melted snow.
  • Distracted driver/operator, possibly because they may be talking to a passenger and not focusing on the road.
  • Transportation crashes are common among buses and ferryboats. For buses, injuries can be very similar to the injuries that occur on any road vehicle. It should be noted that many bus passengers are not restrained in their seats. Additionally, many are standing. A serious crash can be catastrophic, as passengers could be tossed around the cabin.
  • Platform injuries are common, especially on subways or rail systems. Unfortunately, sometimes people fall onto the tracks.
  • Driver/operator errors occur more frequently if the person in charge of the transport is inadequately trained or is intoxicated.
  • Overloaded buses, trains and subways can raise the risk of accidents, such as trips and falls.
  • Bad conditions on the roads or tracks can occur because of bad weather, maintenance or because of clutter.

Public transportation accidents can lead to serious injuries such as brain injuries, broken bones or even loss of life. Some of these injuries can be the fault of the public transportation company. If that is the case, then the injured person can likely receive compensation to cover medical expenses, as well as lost and future wages.

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[Did You Know?: The Chicago “L” opened in 1892 and was operated by steam locomotion.]

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Source: http://chicagosuntimes.com/news/man-sues-metra-after-losing-arm-in-train-accident/

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